Possessing Wilde


Hello beautiful readers, Possessing Wilde is now available to download and read! This is Book Two of a Wilde Series (there are three books total).

After proclaiming their love for one another in the Big Apple on Christmas Day, then consummating shortly after (of course), Adele Vega and Clarence Wilde have a new hurdle that is no longer the previous student-teacher issue … distance.

Not to worry, three hours one way is nothing in the name of love.

But what of the rich, young, model good-looking, intelligent, French speaking Celine? And what will happen when Clarence moves in with Celine and her family to learn the ropes of the book selling industry? Or when Adele realizes it is she who Celine is after?

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The root behind muses

creation of sweet nothings

taste of licorice dimple candy striped

mocha in the morning, your

essence wakes every part

meet me for coffee

morning at dawn

I long to cook meals hip-to-hip


trembling, an ache for the touch of your smile, grazing ankles

in bed

can we live forever in bed?

Inside looks, inside jokes, insides stories, inside


you care. A single care.

Amongst countless beings,

all distant pasts.

Excerpt #1 from “Taking Wilde”


“I’m trying to be good, Clarence,” I say, my voice pleading with him so that he’ll look at me. I can’t bear it when I don’t know what he’s thinking or feeling. 

“Well, don’t be.” Clarence says, turning his head completely toward me, holding my eyes with his. He doesn’t let me go—no, not that easily. We drink one another up. “Take a risk with me. Be bad, be good, whatever it is … just do it with me.” 

I am his. He is mine. 

“Adele,” he starts, then pushes a lock of my hair behind my ear, “in all the time I’ve known you, I haven’t once judged you. And as long as I keep knowing you, I never will.”

Just as I feel my lips turning upward into a smile, my eyes spring out tears. The more I try to stop the tears, the more they come out. I must look like a weepy mess. 

Clarence holds my body into his. 

My ear is pressed against his chest. I hear the rapid thudding of his heart. It quickens, matching the speed of mine. 

“Why are you crying?”

I open my mouth to speak, but instead, I heave. Clarence, thankfully, is quiet as he allows me to let out this emotional thing that has been pent up in me. His soft fingers twirl strands of my hair. His other hand rests on my back, assuring me that it’ll always be there no matter what. 

“Can I consider this our second date?” 

“What,” I start laughing through my tears, “dinner with your family?”

“I know, it’s a strange premise for a second date … you’ll have to let me take you on a proper one after this winter vacation, okay?” 

I think on what he says.

The taxi comes to a halt. I lift my head, feeling my hair sticking up and out. 

“Here,” the taxi driver says. 

“Okay, give us one minute,” Clarence says. He turns the overhead light on and looks at me, then giggles. 


“Here, let me fix you up. I personally think you look hot, but I’m sure you don’t want to walk in there looking like you have raccoon eyes.” 

“Like I’ve cried the whole way.”

Clarence shapes my hair. He dabs the end of his finger with his tongue, looks at his finger, then says, “Do you mind?” 

I shake my head ‘no’. He proceeds to wipe his wet finger underneath my eyes to smudge away my running mascara and eyeliner.