Who is your muse?

Thoughts, Writing

I write for you, muse.

Play on, invisible harps, play on in my heart

Please visit me muse, ache of love.

I cannot go on without you,

Do not die, my unrequited muse

Dante Alighieri & Beatrice di Folco Portinari

Do not leave me muse and come back

Elizabeth Taylor & Richard Burton

Do not love the image of us, the muse, more than the reality

Jean-Luc Godard & Anna Karina

You, my wonder wild we kiss

Sweetheart, I come.




The root behind muses

creation of sweet nothings

taste of licorice dimple candy striped

mocha in the morning, your

essence wakes every part

meet me for coffee

morning at dawn

I long to cook meals hip-to-hip


trembling, an ache for the touch of your smile, grazing ankles

in bed

can we live forever in bed?

Inside looks, inside jokes, insides stories, inside


you care. A single care.

Amongst countless beings,

all distant pasts.