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In case you’re wondering what really happens during a tennis match …

I think this could serve as a fitting trailer for 40-Love.


40-Love is here!

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40-Love, my new short & sexy book is officially released on Amazon. If you’d like a copy, click HERE.

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40-Love Excerpt

In the grand scheme of things, is obsessing over Kasey actually wrong? We’re not related, but I still find myself feeling guilty when I masturbate thinking about her each night. 

What’s worse, is sometimes I get off even harder by repeating in my head over and over that she is my stepsister. 


Down boy.

Kasey is stepping out of the pool, showing off the maddening fact that she is glistening wet and highlighted in all the right places (ala Phoebe Cates “Fast Times at Ridgemont High”). The guys glance back to me and laugh while I practically pant in lust from the deep end of the pool.

Stay down boy, stay down. 

I dunk under water to cool off. 

Sure, everyone’s checking out Kasey just as much as I am, but it’s perfectly fine for them to do it. 

Not me.

I can’t help myself. I try not to look, but she’s just … there.  

Kasey’s breasts are rounded and big—not too big—but big enough so that they bounce and jiggle with her every movement, tantalizing onlookers with the question of am I going to stay in my place? Or will I pop out?

Excerpt from “40-Love”


Coming soon, my new short story that is a part of my short and sexy series of books!


Kasey is in the stands, well, standing out. 

In a bloody hot way. 

What else is new? 

She’s wearing that short, almost see-through white dress that drives me nuts, topped with red blocky high-heels. Her long brownish-blonde hair drifts casually over her shoulders.

Really. Who looks like that at a tennis match? 

I wish she’d just pack up and leave. This is the match of a lifetime; the deciding factor between going to regionals, or not. The team is tied in won and lost matches—it’s up to me to pull off the victory. And here Kasey is distracting me with her cheers of encouragement and those bouncing, bountiful breasts. I can’t forget her smile and eyes, either. Despite what most may think, it was her emerald green eyes and perfectly kind smile with those peach-like lips that I couldn’t stop thinking about when I first met her. 

And to this day, I still can’t stop obsessing over. 

I know it’s wrong.

In all actuality, is it really? We’re not related, but I still find myself feeling guilty when I stroke my cock each night thinking about my stepsister. 

You’re going to get a boner right now if you don’t stop. 

Not only that, but she’s also my best friend—sort of my only friend. The guys on the team are like brothers to me, and sure, we hang out and have fun, but I’m not close to any of them like I am with Kasey. She gets every part of me, not just the tennis part. She knows what makes me tick, what I love, my fears, hopes, and favorite anything. She remembers what kind of coffee and cream I prefer, and can usually guess what I’ll order at a restaurant. 

It’s like we share the same mind. 

To top it all off, our conversation is so natural that I don’t even think about it as “conversing”. We simply talk and know what to talk about, though we’re just fine with sitting in silence, too. 

Kasey has this way of driving me to the brink. The way she teased me—pushed me—on purpose that day after she fell on the tennis court and drove me to do the unthinkable …