Possessing Wilde


Hello beautiful readers, Possessing Wilde is now available to download and read! This is Book Two of a Wilde Series (there are three books total).

After proclaiming their love for one another in the Big Apple on Christmas Day, then consummating shortly after (of course), Adele Vega and Clarence Wilde have a new hurdle that is no longer the previous student-teacher issue … distance.

Not to worry, three hours one way is nothing in the name of love.

But what of the rich, young, model good-looking, intelligent, French speaking Celine? And what will happen when Clarence moves in with Celine and her family to learn the ropes of the book selling industry? Or when Adele realizes it is she who Celine is after?

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The root behind muses

creation of sweet nothings

taste of licorice dimple candy striped

mocha in the morning, your

essence wakes every part

meet me for coffee

morning at dawn

I long to cook meals hip-to-hip


trembling, an ache for the touch of your smile, grazing ankles

in bed

can we live forever in bed?

Inside looks, inside jokes, insides stories, inside


you care. A single care.

Amongst countless beings,

all distant pasts.


Other Author's Writings

ANAÏS NIN was one of the great, understated writers. According to her diaries (after being commissioned to write erotica for a client), she was ashamed of how much sex her client wanted from her stories, with very little poetry. More sex, less poetry was essentially what her client asked of her. She couldn’t imagine how anyone could possibly get off from what she thought was trite and mechanical sex-writing.

Yet, she wrote some of the most well-written, highly engaging erotica to date.

This passage is fromMarcel”, which is a short story that is a part of Delta of Venus.

“Marcel was suffering. I was enjoying the Russian, who was big and powerful and who could hold out for a long time. As Marcel watched us, he took his penis out of his pants, and it was erect. When I felt the orgasm coming in unison with the Russian’s, Marcel wanted to put his penis in my mouth but I would not let him. I said, ‘You must keep it for later. I have other things to ask you. I won’t let you come!’ The Russian was taking his pleasure. After the orgasm he stayed inside and wanted more, but I moved away. He said, ‘I wish you would let me watch.’
Marcel objected. We let him go. He thanked me, very ironically and feverishly. He would have liked to stay with us.
Marcel fell at my feet. ‘That was cruel. You know that I love you. That was very cruel.’
‘But it made you passionate, didn’t it, it made you passionate.’
‘Yes, but it hurt me too, I would not have done that to you.’
‘I did not ask you to be cruel to me, did I? When people are cruel to me it makes me cold, but you wanted it, it excited you.”